Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rickshaw Rudy's, Pedal Cab Service, Santa Rosa, 20080722tu2104

In front of Toad in the Hole Pub.

Veggie Pasty and Salad at The Toad Hole in Santa Rosa, 20080722tu2043

Sunflower Garden, 20080722tu1940

Visiting friends in Santa Rosa who have a sunflower garden.

Driving from Sebastopol to Santa Rosa, 20080722tu1918

Resting in the Vardo Gypsy Wagon, 20080722tu1749

Returning to the Vardo Gypsy Wagon, 20080722tu1651

This is a photo of rocks used for landscaping near Whole Foods Market
at McKinley Center in Sebastopol, California.

National Peace Site, Ragle Ranch Regional Park, Sebastopol, California, Photos, 20080722tu1604

Photos of the National Peace Site at Ragle Ranch Regional Park in Sebastopol, California are now available. The photo collection includes a map and photos have detailed descriptions. A slideshow is below. A permanent page has been created on the Resources for Life website for this National Peace Site.

Quiche and Raspberry Fizz, 20080722tu1307

The broccoli quiche has generous portions of broccoli and a flaky crust. A side salad has edible flowers, spinach, and other fresh greens with a light oil dressing and sprinkles of sunflower seeds. The raspberry fizz has fresh raspberries in a non-bitter soda water with fresh mint leaves.

Smart Car, 20080722tu1249

I'm at McKinley Center in Sebastopol, California where Whole Foods and Infusions Teahouse are located. I'm going to stop by the Teahouse to upload the Peace Site photos. The car pictured here is a Smart Car.

Finished taking photos, 20080722tu1234

I've just spent about 90 minutes photographing the National Peace Site. I'm going to go and sort through the photos to get them uploaded. I took photos with different exposures and a variety of depth of field settings. So, I'll need to review which ones look the best for posting.

National Peace Site - Taking Photos, 20080722tu1104

I'm back at the National Peace Site. There is some really good lighting today, and I'd like to get photos of the items identified and numbered on the map.

Middle Eastern Plate at Infusions Teahouse, 20080722tu0957

The Middle Eastern Plate at Infusions Teahouse has wheat pita, dolmas, olives, and a seasoned spread. [1034] It's been a busy morning so far. I've made some updates to the Border to Border Tour page, and responded to a computer support phone call.

Infusions Teahouse, 20080722tu0845

I just arrived at Infusions Teahouse. They open in about 15 minutes (at 9AM). I'm planning to stop at Whole Foods while I'm waiting for Infusions to open. [0923] For those of you who are new to my journal, the numbers in brackets are a time stamp expressed in 24-hour time. So, it's 9:23 AM right now. I just finished updating the National Peace Site Map entry to include two pages that describe the map.

Run Complete, 2080722tu0759

I just finished my morning run. Along the route this morning I paused my workout monitor to do some reflective writing. These are two fresh plums that were on the ground along my running route today. They will make a nice light breakfast. My running stats for this morning are: 6.07 km, 54 minutes, 8:53 min/km, 582 calories burned.

National Peace Site, Ragle Ranch Regional Park, Sebastopol, California, 20080722tu0733

I'm back at the National Peace Site near Sebastopol, California, having completed the trail loop through Ragle Ranch Regional Park. This photo shows a map of the Peace Site. There are some shortcuts in the labyrinth, but I walk the complete spiral of the path to remind myself that peace takes time and patience. I've posted the guide to the map below as two pages. The map and descriptive pages can be enlarged by clicking on the images. I was really fascinated to learn about this peace site and how many people from different places have contributed to it.

In reading these descriptions, one becomes mindful that peacemakers are all over the planet, they are well connected, and well equipped. They have been in every generation. They were, they are, and they are to come. The attention to detail given in the description conveys the care that was given to the creation of this peace site.

National Peace Site, 20080722tu0703

I'm at the National Peace Site. There's a sweet smell in the air, like honey. The plants here have interesting aromas. I've been taking my run slow this morning to soak in the surroundings. There is a very cute brown humming bird sitting alone on a fence about three meters from me and singing or calling out with great enthusiasm. I'm going to continue my run.

Living on the mist that falls from heaven, 20080722tu0645

As I was running through the Burbank gardens (see photo), I was thinking about how much of the plant life here survives and thrives for months without the benefit of a typical rainfall, without artificial watering, in seemingly dusty dry soil. These plants are nourished by the almost invisible mist that falls from the heavens (skies). I was thinking about how life, or the situation we find ourself in, gets dry and parched sometimes. In these times it would be good to heighten our senses to perceive the "mist" that falls from heaven that can nourish and nurture our souls. In the morning hours, there is a peacefulness that I've noticed. It's a kind of peacefulness that, like mist for plants, can nourish the soul.

Going Running, 20080722tu0633

I'm going on the 54 Minute Peace Run. There is a fine mist that falls like rain at night and keeps
the plants and flowers green despite not having a typical rainfall. This is apparently how the ground can be dry and dusty yet the plants are thriving.

Morning Report, 20080722tu0502

I woke this morning and looked at the clock to see that it was 5:02 AM. I like it when I'm able to wake without an alarm clock at this hour, since 5AM is my desired wakeup time. (see www.ScheduleForLife.com)

It's too dark here to take a picture, so I selected this picture from the Ashland, Oregon collection of pictures. I'm going to do my morning stretching (Yoga), breathing exercises, and meditation. Then I hope to go running.

Going to sleep, favorite picture, 20080721mo2254

It's too dark to post a photo, so I thought I'd put up this one from
earlier today that was taken near the ocean west of Bodega Bay. I'm
going to sleep late so I probably won't be awake until about 7 am.