Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just finishing up

It's been a busy evening, and I'm up later than I'd usually like to be, but I finally finished writing up my Personal Update, the Resources for Life Newsletter, and the Small House Society Newsletter, as well as making some important updates to the website. I'm finally ready to go home now.

Writing Newsletters

At my desk

Catching up on work before the day ends.

Riding back to my office

Riding to the office


Having dinner with some friends. This vegan food was very fresh, nutritious, and filling.

Going to get car

There is a car that needs to be sold. I'm riding with someone to help get the car and prepare it for sale.

Riding to meeting

First Meal of the Day

Riding to Which Wich

Scanning images for selling two cars

Getting ready to go meet some people and assist with property liquidation.

In the studio

After my interview, from about 2:45 on, I've been working on assisting people with various projects. Here I'm working on video transfer in the studio.

Preparing for Interview

I'm just returning from the gym and getting ready for my interview that begins at 2:00 PM.

Elliptical Workout Complete

36 minutes, 523 calories.

Starting Elliptical Workout

Ready to go to the gym

It's been a busy morning so far. I'm ready to go to the gym now, and then I have a 2PM interview with a newspaper reporter about my book and the reading Friday night for the Live from Prairie Lights Event. At 3PM, I'll be helping with a property liquidation project that has been taking a while to get completed. That will most consume the rest of my day. If I have time this evening, I'd like to get my newsletters done (personal, Resources for Life, and Small House Society).

My metabolic age is now 25

I've reversed my metabolic age from 50 years old to 25 years old in
just over three weeks. My actual age is 44, but the metabolic age
increased to 50 years old after weight gain and an increase in my %
body fat.

International Video Call

In my alternate office.

Examining a Dell Dimension 8400 for memory upgrade specifications

The Crucial.com website has a listing of compatible memory for the Dell Dimension 8400.

Setting up a new iMac

Today's the day I'd promised to help someone setup their new computer. Fortunately, the new computer is an iMac. So, I simply power it on, click "Next" a few times, connect the old computer, and the entire setup process, installation of programs, transfer of user files, transfer of user settings, and other aspects of setup are all taken care of.

At the office

Making my morning tea. I arrived at the office shortly after 9AM. There's been much to do already.

Riding to the Office

Riding east, crossing the Burlington Street Bridge over the Iowa River.

Apple Airport Express Placement

When the Apple Airport Express is dangled from a high point free of
obstructions, the signal seems to have greater range.

Filling Water Containers (portrait)

Usually about once a week, I fill up the two water containers that I
use for fresh water in the Mobile Hermitage. They have a two gallon
capacity each, and the four gallons for the week seems to be enough.

Filling Water Container (landscape)

Morning Light, overcast and raining

Time for Yoga and Meditation. We've had many clear mornings recently,
but today the skies are overcast.