Tuesday, July 29, 2008

White Gaspscho, 20080729tu1955

Restaurant Eloise, 20080729tu1911

We're having dinner at Restaurant Eloise in Sebastopol.

Wind Power Photos, 20080729tu1837

We drove past Wind Power Generators on our way from Oakland to Sebastopol. Photos are now online, and a slideshow is below.

Middle Eastern Plate, 20080729tu1753

I'll be having dinner later on this evening, but I'm not sure when. We're planning to get together with friends. I'm having the Middle Eastern Plate and Raspberry Fizz as an appetizer until then.

Infusions Teahouse, 20080729tu1745

After my run today, I showered, got dressed, and came to the Infusions Teahouse to catch up on my online work, emails, and posting photos.

National Peace Site, 20080729tu1623

I'm finished with my trail run through Ragle Ranch Regional Park, and
have returned to the National Peace Site. I'll return from here,
running back to the Vardo Gypsy Wagon.

National Peace Site, 20080729tu1600

I've reached the National Peace Site. I'm walking the spiral to the
center and out again, then I'll continue on my run.

War is Not The Answer, 20080729tu1548

I've run through the Sebastopol Memorial Lawn Cemetary, where many
veterans are buried, west along Bodega Avenue, and now I'm heading
north (and slightly west) along Ragle Road, passing the War is Not The
Answer sign.

Going Running, 20080729tu1525

I didn't go running this morning. Instead, I wanted to complete the 54
Minute Peace Run in Sebastopol that I'd established and ran each day
from July 17 to July 22. I only have today and tomorrow morning here
in Sebastopol before returning to Iowa City. So, I hope to run the
route at least two more times before leaving.

The Border to Border Tour has been a really nice event to be a part
of. I'll write more when I have the benefit of a full-size keyboard.
Right now I'm writing using my iPhone.

Photo Art, 20080729tu1307

We're on Highway 580 West crossing the Richmond Bridge north of the
San Francisco Bay area. Because the iPhone shutter speed is slow, it
tends to distort fast moving objects. In this photo, I was moving
(rotating) the camera to exaggerate this effect.

Ready to Roll... to Sebastopol, 20080729tu0914

Waffle Maker, 20080729tu0814

While traveling to the east coast in January this year with my
Fiancée, I was surprised to see the same brand of waffle maker in
almost all of the hotels we stopped in. Out here in California, I'm
finding that same brand of waffle maker. I'm going to avoid the
waffles since I'm trying really hard to stay fit on this trip.

Morning Light, 20080729tu0655

I woke up a little while ago, about 8 hours after going to sleep. I'm
going to do my morning stretches (Yoga/Pilates), breathing exercises,
and meditation. I'll wait to go running until we've returned to
Sebastopol, around noon today.

Stopping for the night, 20080728mo2213

We're about three hours south of Sebastopol and stopping for the night since it's late. I'm going to upload the latest photos and then go to sleep for the night. [2236] It's about 10:30 PM and I'm starting to get tired. I've started the photo publishing process, but will plan to finish tomorrow at Infusions Teashop. There are a lot of photos to review.