Monday, July 14, 2008

Leaving shore, 20080714mo2154

Visit from Armed Security Officers, 20080714mo1958

I really wanted to brush my teeth before going to sleep, so I asked Jay about using the kitchen sink. The sink in my home drains into a collection tank, but Jay explained that this one drains outside. I figured nobody would notice if a little water drained out from me brushing my teeth, so I used the sink. In no time at all, a knock came on the front door. There were two armed security patrol officers, asking to talk to us. Jay opened the door, and one of the officers said, "I need to talk with you." They both looked really serious. I figured we'd violated some a law. This wasn't a routine check. None of the other vehicles were being inspected.

The officer then asked, "Is this a Tumbleweed House?" Jay confirmed that it was. The officer went on to explain that he had visited Jay's website and was planning to buy two of his homes. He described the models that he wanted to buy and asked for a tour of this one. Below is a photo of Jay with one of the officers. We all had a really nice visit, and answered some of the officer's questions about small home living.

Traveling with Jay is like traveling with a rock star or celebrity. It seems like everywhere we go, people know him and admire his homes. It's really quite entertaining. Well, I'm going back to sleep. I'll check back in later tonight -- assuming we don't have more visits from members of Jay's fan club.

Taking a nap, 20080714mo1811

It's a little after 6:00 PM now. I'm planning to get a few hours of sleep before the ferry ride to Canada at 9:30 PM. From about 2:30 this afternoon until now, Jay and I walked around Port Angeles a bit and also got some food to eat. Some photos of our excursion are below.

We walked south west along North Laurel Street toward 1st Street and saw some interesting murals.

Below are some close-up views of the top mural.

We turned left (south east) on East 1st Street and in a few blocks saw an interesting house built on a cliff.
After a little ways, we turned around and went north west up East 1st Street which becomes West 1st Street after Laurel. At about 3:00 PM, we arrived at 117 East First Street we found Country Aire Natural Foods store. They had Clif bars on sale for 99 cents each (they are usually about $1.70 at most stores). there must be a nation-wide sale going on because the New Pioneer Co-op in Iowa City also has them on sale this month. Country Aire is an excellent store, with an expansive selection of foods and other wellness products.

We walked further along (north and west) First Street and found a nice restaurant where we both ordered their Santa Fe Veggie Burger with salad. Below is a photo of mine part-way through lunch (3:51 PM).

After eating, we went to a coffee shop to get Internet access. I was able to catch up on some e-mail and updates that were needed on the website. Around 5:00 we were back at the ferry parking and loading area. The vehicles were ready to load. We would be waiting for the 9:30 PM ferry, however, since this departure had been filled with reserved riders.

I walked around for a little while, taking photos of ships along the shore.

We've parked in the first row of vehicles getting on the ferry, so it means we should be one of the first vehicles out of the ferry once we reach Canada around 11:00 PM this evening. There may be some customs and/or immigration check-in procedure once we land, but I'm guessing it won't be as involved as when we return.

So, that's kind of a summary from our afternoon. I'll be sleeping until our departure around 9:30 PM. At that time, I'll probably post more updates.

Port Angeles, drying clothes, 20080714mo1426

We're waiting for the 9:30 PM ferry. This morning after running, I washed my clothes. While we wait for the ferry, I'm letting my clothes dry out. Between now and the ferry departure tonight, I'm probably going to try to sleep a little bit. Once in Canada tonight, we'll be meeting with people until probably after midnight. The ferry from Canada back to Port Angeles, Washington leaves at 6:10 AM. We need to arrive at the immigration office by 5:00 AM. So, there won't be much time for sleep tonight.

Port Angeles, WA, 20080714mo1337

We are in Port Angeles, Washington. The the next available ferry is at 9:30PM. We'll arrive by ferry in Victoria, BC (Canada) tonight around 11:00 PM.

Jay at Tiny Coffee Shop, 20080714mo1147

Refueling near Kitsap Lake, 20080714mo1141

Going north on Highway 3, 20080714mo1129

Driving through Port Orchard, 20080714mo1124

The Tacoma Dome, 20080714mo1025

For some reason, images are distorted when using the iPhone camera. This is probably a result of the slower shutter speed.

Another less distorted picture is below.
Below is a photo of Jay at the wheel from 11:00 AM.

South on Highway 5, 20080714mo1007

Leaving Tukwila, 20080714mo0958

Breakfast, 20080714mo0923

I'm planning to stick to my nutritious vegan eating while traveling. It's sometimes hard to find enough nutritious vegan food to fill-up on while traveling, but I'm going to try. This breakfast was very delicious. Even restaurants that have less nutritious foods usually offer side dishes of veggies which are a good alternative.

Returned from running, 20080714mo0807

I had a good run this morning, going 4.7 km, in 36 minutes. I found a beautiful running trail this morning only a few blocks away. The grass was cut very short along the trail and manicured very nicely except for a few spots where there was just sand. I was running the trail and listening to my music. Toward the end of the run, behind me I could see that some other people had joined with me in running. They were cheering me on, waving their hands above their heads and shaking what looked like golf clubs. I waved back, and returned to the hotel.

Photos from my morning run are online. Of course, I'm just joking about the crowd of people waving golf clubs at me. It was a very nice golf course, and made for really nice running during the half hour before the course opened at 8:00 AM.

I'm going to shower, dress, eat, and then we need to get on the road to reach the ferry on time.

Going running, 20080714mo0731

In the past while traveling, I found it hard to stick to an exercise program. Usually I'd be up late and then rushed to get on the road early in the morning. Traveling also makes me tired, so I have less energy and motivation to exercise in the morning. On this trip, I'm going to make an effort to keep up my workout routine and update my daily runs on the Nike+ website.

Morning Report, 20080714mo0609

Sleep. I woke a few minutes before 0600 this morning. I went to bed last night a little after 10:00 PM PT (Midnight Central Time), so waking now gives me about 8 hours of sleep. I slept through the night without any interruptions.

Morning Routine. One of the keys to success with having a morning routine is to not get distracted. So, I'm going to immediately get started with my stretching, breathing exercises, and meditation. Then I plan to go running, shower, dress, and prepare for the day before getting started with checking email and other tasks.

Staying in a Hotel. We ended up staying at a hotel last night, which is good because I'd like to get a shower after going running this morning. Jay's home actually has a shower in it, but we'd need to fill the water reservoir (holding tank).