Friday, July 18, 2008

Costume Party, 20080718fr2133

Below is a photo of me dressed up like a dog.

Santa Rosa Community Market Co-op, 20080718fr1958

Going north on Highway 101, 20080718fr1950

Finished with iPhone setup, 20080718fr1932

iPhone Setup, 20080718fr1639

Lunch at 3rd Street Ale Works, 20080718fr1505

Leaving the Santa Rosa Mall, 20080718fr1446

Leaving the Apple Store, 20080718fr1430

Apple Store in Santa Rosa, 20080718fr1230

A week after the new iPhone launch, people are still waiting in long lines for the new iPhone. The AT&T store is sold out. The Apple store has a few in stock. We arrived at the Apple store around 12:30 PM. It's about 1:04 PM now. I'm backing up my phone data prior to reset and migration to the new phone.

Going to Santa Rosa, 20080718fr1216

Jay and I are going to Santa Rosa to get food, water, and iPhones.

Returning to Gypsy Wagon, 20080718fr1047

My 36 minute run is complete. I'm going to take Ragle Road back to
Bodega Avenue (turning left).

Ragle Road, 20080718fr1005

There is enough of a soft shoulder on Ragle Road that I'm going to
start my run now and continue to the park.

Walking to the Park, 20080718fr0953

I was delayed in starting my run this morning. I don't yet have a
trail picked out for running. I'm looking for someplace to run that
has dirt or gravel, so as to avoid too much impact. I'm told there is
a park down Ragle Road, so I'm walking west on Bodega Avenue and
turning right/south on Ragle Road. I brought my 10 megapixel Sony
camera with me. I've taken numerous pictures of flowers so far, and
plan to post those later. The park is quite a distance from where I'm
staying in the Gypsy wagon.

Going Running, 20080718fr0920

Morning Light, 20080718fr0635

Time for morning stretching (Yoga), breathing exercises, meditation,
and running.