Monday, July 21, 2008

Power Mobility, 20080721mo1931

IOGEAR has a product called Gear Juice that provides numerous power tips for various phones and other products.

Solar Mobility, 20080721mo1929

Voltaic Systems has a backpack with solar panels on the back. It seems like a useful product, but a little bit expensive at about $250.

Bodega Bay, California, 20080721mo1905

Photos of Bodega Bay, California and the ocean shoreline west of Bodega Bay are now available. A slideshow is below.

Samosas at Infusions Teahouse, 20080721mo1734

I'm at Infusions Teahouse getting some more work done and uploading photos. For some reason, I'm not able to send email from my notebook computer, but I can send email from my phone. I presume it is a problem with the ISP for the Teahouse.

Infusions Teahouse, 20080721mo1721

I've setup my mobile office at Infusions Teahouse.

Bodega Bay, 20080721mo1554

Driving back to Sebastopol.

Ocean Shoreline west of Bodega Bay, 20080721mo1528

Tomato Basil Pasta, 20080721mo1439

Salad, 20080721mo1432

Bread with oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, 20080721mo1407

The Sandpiper Restaurant at Bodega Bay, 20080721mo1400

Bodega Highway, 20080721mo1343

We're traveling south west on Bodega Highway on our way to Bodega Bay.

Florence Avenue, Sebastopol, California, 20080721mo1252

Photos of sculptures along Florence Avenue in Sebastopol, California are now available. A slideshow is below.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company - Building Workshop, 20080721mo1207

Photos from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Building Workshop held on 20080719sa are now available. A slideshow is below.

54 Minute Peace Run, 20080721mo1027

Peace Run. I call this the "54 Minute Peace Run" because the run includes a National Peace Site as the main landmark for the run.  The National Peace Site includes the familiar pillar that proclaims "May Peace Prevail On Earth" in many languages. The run takes about 54 minutes, a number divisible by 18 -- the numerical equivalent for Chai which means life in Hebrew. So, "Peace" and "Life" are my meditations and focus for this run. When I reach the National Peace Site, I navigate the labyrinth and then continue to the trail that loops through Ragle park.

Running Route. The running route that I follow in the morning (each morning since last Friday morning) takes me through the resident gardens of Burbank Heights, through the Luther Burbank Experiment Farm, past the Chuck Sharp Cottage Garden, through the Sebastopol Memorial Lawn Cemetery where many veterans of war are buried, west along Bodega Avenue (Bodega Highway / Highway 12), north west along Ragle Road past the "War is Not the Answer" sign to the Ragle Ranch Regional Park where there is a National Peace Site.

Photos. Photos from the run are now available. A slideshow is below.

Masala Chai Spice Blonde Macaroon, 20080721mo1008

In addition to tea, Infusions Teahouse has a variety of nutritious foods as well as baked pastries, sweets.

Breakfast, 20080721mo0922

For breakfast today, I'm at Infusions Teahouse having a Spiced Chai with rice milk (sweetened with honey crystals) and the Middle Eastern Plate (wheat pita, black olives, dolmas, seasoned spread).

[0948] I'm catching up on emails and trying to sort photos for posting online. I'm having a strange problem with my outgoing mail servers from my notebook computer using wireless. I'm clearly able to get online to view the Internet, and I'm able to receive emails, however, my SMTP servers won't allow me to send. To clarify, in the swing photo (below), I was just taking a break on the swing after my run. This trip has allowed me some quiet and peaceful moments to reflect and look back as well as look forward. [0953] Yesterday while running, I saw a woman in the bushes and brush gathering and eating berries from bushes. She was dressed in very natural clothing, had no makeup on, and her hair was in dreadlocks. It was kind of like seeing someone in another country going about their daily routine of gathering food. There were other women doing the same, and also families gathering food. Today, as I'm working on updating my blog and trying to organize photos, there is a woman breast feeding her baby across the table from me (another woman with natural clothing and dreadlocks). I know that breast feeding in public happens in some places, although our society is fairly uptight about it. Obviously, out of courtesy and to respect her privacy, I wasn't staring at her. She wasn't using a cloth to cover herself, so this is another impression during my trip that makes me feel like I'm in another country -- some kind of tribal village place where people are more connected to the earth and nature. [0959] When I went running this morning, once I arrived at the park, I started and returned to the National Peace Site located in the park. There is a labyrinth at the Peace Site with a tree in the center.

Working on uploading photos, 20080721mo0918

My mobile office is now setup and running at Infusions Teahouse.

Infusions Teahouse, 20080721mo0905

Arriving at Infusions Teahouse.

Going to Infusions Teahouse, 20080721mo0857

Returned from Running, 20080721mo0806

When I returned from running this morning, I felt like swinging on the swing that is next to the Vardo Gypsy Wagon. I had a good run. It was my longest run on record with my Nike+ iPod running system, so a recorded message from Lance Armstrong played at the end of my run. I
remember the first time I broke a personal record and had Lance congratulate me, I was a bit surprised. Today's run was 6.37 km, 49 minutes 15 seconds, 7:43 min/km, 610 calories.

Yesterday at the Infusions Teahouse, I heard two songs by Brett Dennen: "Ain't No Reason" and "There is So Much More." At that time, I'd never heard his music before. By searching Google on a phrase from the lyrics (in quotes) and then the word lyrics, I was able to discover the song and artist. Going to iTunes and searching for Brett Dennen, I discovered both songs at the top of the list of his most popular songs. I was listening to these and some other upcoming Heart
Songs selections.

I posted some photos yesterday from Infusions Teahouse, but still have more to upload. Hopefully I'll get some more time with an Internet connection today and do that. We don't depart again until Wednesday for the remainder of the tour.

Going running, 20080721mo0657

Morning Light through Stained Glass, 20080721mo0558

The morning light shines through the stained glass in the door of the Vardo Gypsy Wagon. It's time for stretching (Yoga), breathing exercises, meditation, and running.