Monday, July 21, 2008

Returned from Running, 20080721mo0806

When I returned from running this morning, I felt like swinging on the swing that is next to the Vardo Gypsy Wagon. I had a good run. It was my longest run on record with my Nike+ iPod running system, so a recorded message from Lance Armstrong played at the end of my run. I
remember the first time I broke a personal record and had Lance congratulate me, I was a bit surprised. Today's run was 6.37 km, 49 minutes 15 seconds, 7:43 min/km, 610 calories.

Yesterday at the Infusions Teahouse, I heard two songs by Brett Dennen: "Ain't No Reason" and "There is So Much More." At that time, I'd never heard his music before. By searching Google on a phrase from the lyrics (in quotes) and then the word lyrics, I was able to discover the song and artist. Going to iTunes and searching for Brett Dennen, I discovered both songs at the top of the list of his most popular songs. I was listening to these and some other upcoming Heart
Songs selections.

I posted some photos yesterday from Infusions Teahouse, but still have more to upload. Hopefully I'll get some more time with an Internet connection today and do that. We don't depart again until Wednesday for the remainder of the tour.