Sunday, July 20, 2008

Going to sleep, 20080720su2058

This photo was taken shortly after 6PM when I returned from Infusions
Teahouse. It's now almost 9:00 PM. I've spent the evening visiting,
and am ready for bed now. It will be nice to go to sleep at my desired
early bedtime.

Sebastopol Memorial Lawn Cemetery, 20080720su1719

Photos of the Sebastopol Memorial Lawn Cemetery are now available.

Vardo (Gypsy Wagon) designed by Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, 20080720su1704

Napa Valley Winery Vineyards in California, 20080720su1659

Photos of Winery Vineyards in Napa Valley, California are now available.

Eugene, Oregon, Photos, 20080720su1633

Photos from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company open house at Owen Rose Garden in Eugene, Oregon are now available. The collection of photos includes pictures from other sites in Eugene. Below is a photo from the open house, a photo of a sculpture at an EcoVillage in Eugene, and also a photo from the Owen Rose Garden.

Vegan Chocolate Mousse, 20080720su1514

This vegan chocolate mousse is one of the specialties at the Infusions Teahouse in Sebastopol

Infusions Teahouse, 20080720su1459

Stopping for tea and Internet access at Infusions Teahouse in Sebastopol.

Whole Foods, Sebastopol, 20080720su1412

I just arrived at Whole Foods. I spent some time in the Farmers Market looking around and visiting with people.

Sebastopol Farmers Market, 20080720sa1332

Fruit Tree, 20080720su1225

This is a variety of fruit that grows nearby. Returning from my run earlier, there were two fresh plums that fell together on the path. They were delicious and sweet.

Running complete, 20080720su1212

I just returned to the Vardo wagon, and am reviewing my running summary displayed on my iPod using the Nike+ running system. I have a key holder that I put on my New Balance 768 running shoes. In this way I can put the Nike+ transmitter on a non-Nike shoe. My running summary for today is 5.82 km, 46 minutes 15 seconds, 557 calories burned, and a pace of 7:56 min/km.

Going running, 20080720su1116

I'm going to go running again in Ragle Ranch Regional Park. I'm hoping to get photos posted later today.

Design Workshop, 20080720sa1024

In today's workshop, Jay is beginning with an introduction to the "art" of architecture. In this photo, he is discussing the influence of sacred geometry in design.

Refueling, 20080720su1011

Odometer 213943.1, 11.366 gallons, $4.399 / gallon, $50.

Pioneer DEH-1600, clock setting instructions, 20080720su0958

To set the clock on the Panasonic DEH-1600 car stereo, follow these instructions:
  1. Turn the radio off by pressing and holding the SRC button (under the label OFF).
  2. Press and hold the Audio button in the upper right corner of the radio. After holding the button for about 3 seconds, the clock will begin to blink (the hours).
  3. Use the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the time hours or minutes. Use the left and right buttons to toggle between setting the hours and/or minutes.
  4. When done, push and hold the Audio button again fir about 3 seconds until the clock stops blinking (hours or minutes).
You may be wondering why there are instructions in this blog for how to program the clock of a car stereo. The reason is because this blog contains technical support tips and solutions for a variety of technology items.

Morning Light through stained glass, 20080720su0704

This is the stained glass window in the door of the "Vardo" (Gypsy wagon). It allows light in, but also provides privacy.

I just woke a little while ago. We returned last night around 11:00 PM after having gone to an 8:10 PM showing of the latest Batman movie. The movie lasted for well over two hours. When I got home last night, I took some time to respond to some important emails.

Today's Tumbleweed Tiny House workshop is a design workshop. Yesterday's workshop was dedicated to the building process. I'm really glad to be able to sit in on these workshops. I tend to be someone who avoids expending time and money to go to conferences or workshops. I figure if I need information I'll find it online or in a book, but these sessions seem very valuable. These workshops remind me of times when there is something I'm trying to diagnose and repair with a computer system and the solutions aren't on the web or in a book. So, I call technical support and navigate through a maze of interactive phone menu options, I soon realize that there's no pterecorded answers to my questions. I realiy just need to talk directly to another computer technician to bounce some ideas off them. So it is with building a home. It's not like there's a support number you can call and "press 3 to hear answers to many common problems," such as, "Have you tried restarting?"

The participants who have attended the sessions came up with many good questions that were all related to their own unique building needs/desires. Some were interested in natural and alternative building materials that would have few if any chemicals.

I'm going to take some time now for stretching (Yoga), breathing exercises, meditation, and then running. I hope to get online today so I can catch up on posting pictures from this past week. Since I've been on the road, it's been hard to find an Internet connection, and when I do find a good connection, there hasn't been time to sit for long. Hopefully today I'll get that time.

It seems that when I write up these longer entries on the iPhone and post them by email the formatting (word wrap) gets messed up for some reason. So, I need to get on the web to fix that manually.

Driving from Santa Rosa to Sebastopol, 20080719sa2253