Saturday, July 5, 2008

Burning some Sugandhco's Incense before going to sleep

At home, getting ready for bed

Field House Parking Ramp

Field House, south east entrance

GapVax Truck

This weird looking utility truck is being used for cleaning. Location:
north west corner of Burlington Street and Riverside Drive.

The Live Feed is Back! Hurray!

It seems the temporary freeze on remote blog postings has lifted, so
this update from my iPhone should work. I'm getting ready to leave the
office and ride home.

International Video Call with Skype

At my desk, updating website

Checking email and updating the live feed.

Evening snack

Having another Clif Bar.

Iowa City Jazz Fest

People gathering to hear music on the Pentacrest.

Winding Trail, north east corner of Lindquist Center

Riding to office.

Burlington Street Bridge, riding east, crossing Iowa River

Willow Creek Trail, riding north

Teg Drive, riding north, just south of Kiwanis Park

More sustinance

Having another Clif Bar.

Activating Microsoft Office Basic Edition 2003

Belkin Wireless Router F5D7230-4, version 1444

Replacing an older Belkin Wireless G router with a newer Wireless N model.

More nourishment

Having some of the Mary's Gone Crackers Organic Caraway crackers and a Black Cherry and Almond Clif Bar.

Removing .NET Framework 1.1

The older 1.1 version was still installed even though the 2.0 version had been installed.

Teg Drive, riding south, just south of Kiwanis Park

West Benton Street, riding west, descending toward Teg Drive on the left

Melrose Avenue, riding west, passing the Field House Parking Ramp

The parking ramp is located south of the Field House.

Burlington Street Bridge, riding west, crossing Iowa River

Going to a client's home to finish up some work.

Iowa City Jazz Fest

Riding my bicycle through downtown was like riding through a carnival, or a Jazz Fest!


A Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch Clif Bar was my first "meal" of the day. It's been quite busy. I'm getting ready to ride my bicycle from downtown Iowa City to the far south west side of town and needed some fuel for the ride.

At my desk, updating website

Website Expansion. The website expansion description on the About Us page of explains that there are many writings, photos, music, links, and other resources needing to be moved over to the new website design from various sources. Today, from about 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM, I was working on getting some of the recent photos posted. I also created a photography page to begin bringing links and other resources over from the old website design. As content is moved over, an announcement will be made on the What's New page.

Manual Live Feed Updates. The Live Feed will probably need to be updated manually until the remote publishing limitation is removed (after about 24 hours). So, there will be a delay in postings.

Going online with Skype

At my desk

Updating the Live Feed.

Riding north east on trail south of UI Main Library

Flood recovery workers are taking a lunch break.

Burlington Street Bridge, riding east, crossing Iowa River

326 Melrose Court, flowers (alternate view)

326 Melrose Court, flowers

North on Melrose Court, riding to the office

Captcha Limitation Still Active

Manual Blog Postings. The limitation on remote posting (described yesterday) is back in effect after posting more entries yesterday. So, today's live feed pictures will be delayed until the Captcha limitation is removed which should be later today.

Beautiful Morning

It's another beautiful day in Iowa City. I'm planning to be downtown most of the day, and then continuing with client work in late afternoon.

Finally Home

Finally home after a very long day.
Riding west on the path south of the UI Main Library.

Late night ride home

There have been a variety of time consuming projects lately with deadlines that have been keeping me working late. I'm hopeful that I can get back on a normal routine soon.