Saturday, July 12, 2008

Riding back to office with clothes, 20080712sa2319

After getting back downtown, I was in the office, and then realized it was after 11PM which is the time that the laundry facility closes. I was startled by this because it would mean that I would be without clothes for my trip since they don't open until after I would be on the road to the airport. Fortunately, the person who was cleaning stayed late (the first time I've ever seen anyone stay late in 5 years). Usually they close the doors early since the last load must be in by 9:30 PM and if nobody is around by 10PM or 10:30 PM they figure they can just close up shop. In the past, when I missed getting my clothes at night, they were already stolen by morning when I arrived.

First load of items home, going to get second load, 20080712sa2233

Two boxes of books, calendars, running shoes, scale, hair trimmer,
rain suit, and other items.

Taking first load home, about 100 pounds, 20080712sa2215

Clothes in Dryer, 20080712sa2136

Putting clothes in washer, 20080712sa2038

Going to wash laundry, 20080712sa2032

Upgrading Phones, 20080712sa1743

Update. For the next hour to two hours, I'll be upgrading my phones to the new 2.0 operating system for iPhone. Until then, I won't be taking any phone calls. Also, my computer systems are migrating in preparation for travel. Apple announced yesterday the move to the new MobileMe online service, which requires installing new software on the desktop and notebook computers for compatibility. So, I'm upgrading those now in the final hours before I need to go to sleep before leaving for my flight early in the morning.

This Evening. I have quite a few tasks remaining for the evening:

  • purchase a large suitcase
  • transfer all files and notes from my desktop computer over to my notebook computer -- anything I might need to refer to over the next few weeks, particularly for catching up on invoicing
  • pack for departure tomorrow morning
  • setup my notebook computer so that it can be the primary system for use over the next three weeks, this involves several things required to make the notebook the primary synchronization system for the iPhones
  • upgrade the notebook computer to be functional with the new MobileMe service from Apple
Phone Calls and Emails. Until I'm fully packed and ready to go, I'll be ignoring all incoming phone calls and emails. Just send me an email, and I'll try to get back to you in the next 24 hours. Sorry for the delay.

Upgrading iPhones to new software, 20080712sa1715

First meal of the day, 20080712sa1648

Which Wich, first meal of the day, 20080712sa1635

Put Your Life on a Diet, New Non Fiction Section, Prairie Lights, 20080712sa1633

Walking to Which Wich, 20080712sa1628

Returning to Office, 20080712sa1605

Sony Blu-ray Disc BDP-S300 uses Linux, 20080712sa1553

Sony BPD-S300 Blu-ray Disc Player, 20080712sa1454

North Dubuque Street is Open, 20080712sa1439

At my desk briefly, 20080712sa1428

Back from my run. Going to do client work in two minutes.

Finished Running, 36 min. 4.57 km 427 calories, 20080712sa1351

Going Running, 20080712sa1312

Walking to the Gym, 20080712sa1304

At the office, 20080712sa1224

Riding east crossing Burlington Street, 20080712sa1209

Mobile Hermitage is Leveled, 20080712sa1130

Leveling the Mobile Hermitage, 20080712sa1048

Morning Sky, 20080712sa0948

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