Thursday, July 17, 2008

Evening Update, 20080717th2106

This is an update sans photo. I've been having trouble since arriving
in Sebastopol with accessing the Internet. The AT&T wireless network
signal shows 2 or 3 out of 5 bars and yet the connection is very slow
to open web pages or send/receive email. There is a Wi-Fi signal, and
I'm able to establish a connection, and the signal is strong, but then
the signal mysteriously drops out.

I'll try to get to a coffee shop tomorrow and provide a more complete
update, including a fresh batch of photos.

~ Greg

Salad with edible flowers, 20080717th1630

Dinner tonight was a delicious hand made salad with edible flowers.

Gypsy Wagon, 20080717th1600

This will be my home for the next few days.

Arriving at Jay's place in Sebastopol, 20080717th1535

Driving through Santa Rosa, 20080717th1522

Grapes, 20080717th1412

Napa Valley, 20080717th1404

Highway 12 going west, 20080717th1356

We got off of 80 and are now on highway 12 going west through/past
Napa valley and in a little while we'll be going through/past Sonoma.

I80 west near exit 40, 2008071/7th1350

I80 is a 10-lane highway here.

Grocery Shopping, 20080717th1311

Television on Gas Pump, 20080717th1307

News, advertising, and traffic conditions are provided.

Stopping for fuel at Vacaville, 20080717th1255

Highway 505 toward Davis, 20080717th1223

We just passed exit 31 on Highway 505 going toward Vacaville,

Highway 5 South, near exit 690, 20080717th1008

Highway 5, south, near exit 695, 20080717th1003

We left Weed, California this morning a little after 9:00 AM, and
we're making good time. We are about 16 miles north of Redding.

Returned from running, 20080717th0748

Photos from my morning run are now available online.

Going running, 20080717th0707

I'm going to start my run at Kellog Drive and Black Butte Drive. I'm planning to run down Kellogg Drive for about 18 minutes and then return. I hope to post photos from the run when I return.

Morning Light, 20080717th0608

Morning Report. During the tour, I'm trying to stick as close to possible to the Schedule for Life system. The first hours of the day are dedicated to stretching ("yoga"), deep breathing exercises, quiet meditation, then running. We're planning to get on the road by 8:00 AM.

Photos from Portland, Oregon

The complete set of photos from Portland, Oregon are now online. Below is a photo of Jay Shafer's home, and also a photo showing people in line for the open house tour.

Canada Photos Now Online

Photos from the trip up to Canada are now online. Above you can see the dedicated group of small house advocates in Canada. Below is a photo of the moon over Port Angeles as we were setting out to sea.

Below is a photo of a house on the rocks near the water.

Photos for Olympia, Washington

The complete set of photos for Olympia, Washington are now online. Below is a photo from the set showing Jay Shafer visiting with Dee Williams in her home.

Stopping for the night, 20080716we2233

Day-End Report. We have about 5 hours of driving tomorrow to reach Sebastopol, California. I'm able to get Internet access, so I'll try to post some photos soon.

Update. I've posted photos from Canada, Olympia, and Portland. I've made mention of it on the July 17 journal page. I hope you enjoy the photos.