Wednesday, July 2, 2008

At home, getting ready for bed

Riding west along Burlington Street approaching Field House

Riding west on the path south of the main UI library

Riding home.

At my desk

West on Market Street, riding past John's Grocery

Installing Ad-Aware 2008

AVG update requires a restart

Unregisteation failure from Security Center

However, the installation was successful.

Downloading and Installing AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 8.0.1

Security Center can't be started under My Computer > Manage > Services

Security Center can't start

Security Center service not running after using PCmover

Recycle bin corrupt after PCmover transfer

Having a small piece of mocha cheese cake

Still Moving Files

Using Laplinik PCmover to transfer files and programs from Windows XP to Vista, snapshot error

When using the USB cable, after starting PCmover on the destination
computer and then on the source computer, there was an error
indicating that the program could not proceed with the snapshot. It
was necessary to exit the program on both computers and then, once
again, start it on the destination computer and then on the source
computer. The only program being transferred is Microsoft Office
Professional Edition 2003.

Install Vista Updates

Unpack and setup a new Dell Vostro 400

Eating my fourth Cliff bar for today

It's been so busy I haven't had time for a real meal all day. I'm
leavng now for a 3:00 appointment (one hour behind schedule).

At my alternate office

Post Office, checking mail after Weight Watchers weekly weigh-in

Ready to leave office for weekly Weight Watchers weigh-in

At my other desk

I've been working at my alternate desk since returning from the gym at
11:09 AM.

Returning to office from gym

Elliptical Workout Complete, 36 minutes, 518 calories

On my way to the gym

Someone waiting for the bus took this photo for me.

Crossing the Burlington Street Bridge, riding east

Morning Light

Time for Yoga and Meditation.