Friday, July 11, 2008

Setting the Mobile Hermitage back in place, 20080711fr2207

Book Reading Completed a Success, 20080711fr2045

Dinner at India Cafe, 20080711fr1812

At my desk, 20080711fr1619

I've been outside at the Mobile Hermitage open house most of the afternoon. I'm taking a break to focus some on my materials for the reading this evening.

With my Gibbs Smith Sales Rep, 20080711fr1457

The sales representative for my publisher was in town today and stopped by to see the Mobile Hermitage open house.

Eating Lunch, 20080711fr1454

It's been very hot today, although being inside provides some shade from the sun yet allows the breeze to go through.

Lunch at Which Wich, 20080711fr1340

I'm taking a lunch break right now at Which Wich, and using their high speed wireless network to update my live feed with additional notes.

Mobile Hermitage Open House, 20080711fr1331

Materials are now on display at the Mobile Hermitage including post cards, book marks, pens, calendars, and other promotional items.

Going to get promotional materials, 20080711fr1210

It took about an hour to get the materials and have them setup.

Reviewing passages in book, 20080711fr1155

I took some time today to review the passages from the book that I plan to read tonight. Thanks to Makur for helping in the selection process.

Going Online, 20080711fr1049

I'm at my desk now, about an hour behind schedule. I'd hoped to start the open house by 10AM, but there were some delays this morning. I'll probably be out there by 11:30 AM in time for the lunch crowds.

Update. I spent about an hour preparing for the open house, taking phone calls, responding to emails, and on a video call to India.

East on Burlington Street, 20080711fr1038

East on Melrose Avenue, returning downtown, 20080711fr1023

I rode my bicycle back to downtown Iowa City from Melrose and Sunset.

Fueling Up, 20080711fr1020

I road in the truck with the driver over to Coralville so we could put some fuel in the truck. The driver had brought his own truck up from Kalona, and I wanted to help him out with fuel costs.

Preparing for the Open House, 20080711fr0942

One on location, in front of Prairie Lights Books in Iowa City, we needed to put the home on jacks to secure it. This is a fairly precarious task. At one point, the house fell to the ground since we were having trouble stabilizing it. The road surface is sloped, so we needed to level the house and stabilize it securely before having people come in to view it.

The Mobile Hermitage is in Iowa City in front of Prairie Lights Books, 20080711fr0940

This is a photo of the home, just prior to getting it jacked up and stabilized.

Putting air in the tires, 20080711fr0914

One of the tires on the truck was low on air. The tires on the house were also low on air, at about 32 pounds of pressure rather than the rated 65 pounds of pressure. We filled them to 55 pounds since the tires were already hot.

Moving the Mobile Hermitage, 20080711fr0903

It took a little while to get the house prepared for moving. Smaller items needed to be placed in boxes. Once hooked up to the truck, we were ready to go.

Morning Light, 20080711fr0706

I just fininshed Yoga and am beginning meditation now.