Thursday, July 3, 2008

At home, winding down from a long day

Riding home, going east on Melrose Avenue, approaching Sunset



Resart after Windows XP Service Pack 3 installation

Installing a Belkin N Wireless USB Adapter

Installing Windows XP Service Pack 3

Dell ships computer with wrong drive, replacement drive is empty

A customer purchased a Dell Vostro 200 with the free upgrade from an
80 GB hard drive to a 320 GB hard drive. The printed invoice shows the
upgraded drive listed. However, Dell sent the customer the computer
with an 80 GB drive instead. Realizing their mistake, Dell sent out a
320 GB drive to replace the 80 GB drive - expecting the customer to
perform the removal of the old drive and installation of the new
drive, or pay someone to do it. The replacement 320 GB drive did not
have any software installed, or Windows installed. It had not even
been formatted or partitioned. So, the customer would need to spend
several hours installing Windows, the latest updates, system specific
drivers, and other software (or pay someone to provide this service).
After spending an hour on the phone with Dell, explaining this to two
separate Dell representatives, Dell was unable to offer a resolution
to the problem. The representatives could not approve the customer's
request to simply keep the bootable 80 GB drive and install the 320 GB
drive as a second (data) drive. A case number was issued and the
customer was told they would need to call a special phone number
between 7 AM and 7PM CT to continue to pursue a resolution to the

Hard Drive Upgrade

Continue south on Teg Drive

South/left on Willow Creek Trail to Kiwanis Park

Right/west on West Benton Street

Left/south on Emerald St., toward West Benton St.

West on Melrose Avenue, west of Sunset

Left/west on Melrose from Sunset

Riding to next job site

Setting up a new Sony VGC-LT25E

Crossing Burlington Street Bridge, going west

Riding to client home on west side for new computer setup.

Finishing up a one hour phone call

Returning to office from gym

Elliptical Workout Complete, 36 minutes, 525 calories

Walking to the gym

Walking to the gym

My metabolic age is now 38

I've now reversed my metabolic age by 12 years in about three weeks
using the Holistic Living System. In the same time period, I've lost 5
kilograms (11 pounds) and reduced my overall body fat from 25% down to
21%. My goal is 20 years old, 180 pounds, with 14% body fat.

At my other desk, installing updates and synchronizing

Still need to install Skype.

At my desk

Urban Golf Carts near the Seamans Center

Crossing the Iowa River, Burlington Street Bridge, riding east

Riding past the Field House parking ramp

Riding past the Field House parking ramp

Candles in morning light

The candles at my desk had burned all the way down, so I replaced them
this morning.

Looking north east through my front door

Morning Light

Time for Yoga and Meditation.