Sunday, July 27, 2008

South on Highway 405, 20080727su1839

We're driving to Santa Ana for a radio interview.

Photos from Run/Walk/Hike, 20080727su1405

Photos from my Run/Walk/Hike on the Getty View Trail are now available. A slideshow is below.

Lunch, 20080727su1347

Veggie sandwich, fries, and salad.

Run/Walk/Hike Complete, 20080727su1124

Shortly after returning to civilization, I met a young (20s something) newly engaged couple out for their Sunday walk. When I explained to them where I'd walked/run/hiked they looked at me with disbelief, "Up there?!" they exclaimed looking at the hills above us. They are from Los Angeles, and regularly walk the fire road, but were unaware of any hiking trails along the ridge of the mountain range. Apparently since there are no signs, it's easy to get off the main trail and not know it. I'm going to post some photos from my run/walk/hike.

I Made It!, 20080727su1040

I made it over the three mountain ranges, avoiding rattlesnakes, and managing not to fall off steep cliffs to the ground hundreds of feet below. There were no signs marking the way. Navigating the last portion of the trail required going backwards and using my hands as well to slide down the steep incline of loose sharp rocks.

When the dust cleared, I looked up and saw another stupid park sign!

Looking South, 20080727su1027

After going south over several hill tops, I'm now on the southern most hill along the east side of Highway 405, north east of the Getty Center and south east of the Getty Center entrance. My iPhone GPS mapping system shows that a fire road is just west of the ridge that I'm on. It looks like there may be a trail leading down from here. I'll report back soon.

Looking Down, 20080727su1016

Here's another view looking down. In the right side of this picture you can see a vineyard, which I was told was one of the few (maybe the only) vineyard in Los Angeles.

Distance Perspective, 20080727su1012

The Hotel Angeleno can be seen very faintly at the bottom of the hill
on the left of the Getty Center.

Looking Down, 20080727su1005

There is a fairly steep drop off along the trail. In some points the
trail has eroded away and the remaining path is about 6 inches wide.
I'm actually surprised that someone took the time to put up a park
sign encouraging people to come up this way.

Steep Uphill Climb, 20080727su1001

It's hard to convey in a photo how steep the incline is here, but the
trail is about to go up 45 degrees and rise about 50 feet.

Looking South, 20080727su0952

This is the view looking south from part way up the hill.

Elfin Forest, 20080727su0934

Getty View Trail Map, 20080727su0917

This is a photo of the trail map. The trail is a 3/4 mile route up the
mountain/hill. I've zoomed out on my iPhone using the GPS mapping with
satellite imaging and can better see where I am. I can see on my
mapping system, the stretch of beach that runs along Santa Monica
curving up to the north west. It is south of my location. So, if I'm
high enough and the skies remain clear, there should be a view of the
ocean. The sign at the trail entrance warns of rattlesnakes. I
typically try to stay away from venemous snakes. There's also a
description about the Elfin Forest (or Chaparrel). I'll try to stay
clear of elves as well.

Getty View Trailhead, 20080727su0906

I walked north from the Hotel Angeleno, and then ran part of the way
to the entrance of the Getty Center. The guard told me about the Getty
View Trail, so I continued running north and am now at the trailhead.
I had plenty of sleep last night, so I'm planning to go on an extended
run this morning. I'd like to reach the top of the hill range here and
get some pictures.

When I'm done, I plan to return to the Hotel Angeleno and join the
group at the Design Workshop.

Morning Light, 20080727su0611

I woke up a few minutes ago. I'm planning to do my morning stretching
(Yoga/Pilates), deep breathing exercises, meditation, and running.