Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dinner at Mississippi Station, 20080715tu2126

3943 North Mississippi, Portland, Oregon. Tel. 503-517-5751.

Small Homes at 3933 and 3937 North Michigan Avenue, Portland, Oregon, 20080715tu2105

On our way to get a late meal on Mississippi Street, we stopped to visit these 300 square foot homes on North Michigan Avenue.

Open House, winding down, 20080715tu2038

Open House, Portland, Oregon, 20080715tu1909

There has been a steady flow of people for two hours.

Portland, Oregon, Open House Begins, 20080715tu1811

A group of people has already gathered.

Kalama River, South on Highway 5, near Kalama, 20080715tu1712

South on Highway 5 to Portland, Oregon, 20080715tu1620

Currently 89 miles to go, estimated 90 minutes to go -- anticipate arriving at about 6:00 PM in Portland.

Visiting Dee Williams, 20080715tu1453

We've been visiting Dee Williams at her small home in Olympia, Washington. We arrived shortly before 2:00 PM and are now getting some food from the local natural foods store. The photo was taken in the loft at Dee's home.

Open House, Cabels's, Olympia, Washington, 20080715tu1150

Guests continue to arrive for the small house tour. Jay, Dee Williams, and I are answering questions and getting a chance to meet with other small house enthusiasts.

I'm encouraged that just about every visitor is requesting one or two copies of Put Your Life on a Diet: Lessons Learned From Living in 140 Square Feet -- my new book about living in one of Jay Shafer's homes over the past 5 years.

Open House at Cabela's, Olympia, WA, 20080715tu1112

Jay is inside giving a tour to a small group while others wait to see the inside.

Crossing Hwy. 16 Bridge East to Tacoma, 20080715tu1013

As of 10:13 AM, we were crossing the Highway 16 bridge going east toward Tacoma. By 10:24 we were already on Highway 5 going south and west toward Olympia. We're about 30 minutes away from Olympia.

South on Highway 16, 20080715tu1005

We're nearing the bridge that will take us toward Takoma where we will get on Highway 5 to go south and west to Olympia.

Photo Art, Water Painting, 20080715tu0910

Utilizing the slow shutter speed of my iPhone, I'm able to create photo art by moving the camera while taking a picture. This creates some unusual effects. This photo was taken while crossing the Highway 104 bridge west of Port Gamble.

Highway 104, going east, 20080715tu0905

Approaching the bridge that will connect to Highway 3 going south.

Leaving Port Angeles, 20080715tu0810

This photo was taken about 10 minutes east of Port Angeles, looking south from Highway 101.

Arriving in the U.S., 20080715tu0750

After a quick check-in with U.S. Customs officials, we left Port Angeles on Highway 101 going east. This photo was taken shortly before 8:00 AM.

Arriving at Port Angeles, Washington, 20080715tu0737

Morning Report, 20080715tu0650

I want to welcome new visitors to my photo journal. Normally my online journal and live feed of photos is used by my family, friends, colleagues, and clients to check in on how/where I am and what I'm up to. This month, I'm traveling with Jay Shafer for the Border to Border Tour. So, I know there will be many small house enthusiasts checking in as well. Welcome to you.

We arrived in Canada last night at about 11:00 PM and were greeted by a group of people applauding us as we drove Jay's home from the ferry onto Canadian soil.

We held a starlight open house that was attended by about a dozen eager guests. Despite the small size of Jay's home, the tour took about an hour. There were many good questions about the home's design, construction, and use. Since I've lived in one of Jay's homes for about 5 years, I was able to share some of my experiences with the group. It was a really nice gathering.

Fortunately, once the open house event concluded for the evening, we were able to find parking on the street in front of the ferry entrance. That made our 5:00 AM ckeck-in with U.S. Immigration and Customs more manageable.

After about four hours of sleep, we woke and got in the line for boarding which was already forming. In line getting tickets, shortly after 5:00 AM, two more people who had traveled to see the home met with Jay, hoping to get a look at the house. So, Jay graciously gave
them the tour.

Since Friday night, I've had about 12 hours of sleep. I didn't get any sleep from Saturday morning to Sunday night. Even so, I'm feeling good. I hope to get a full night of sleep tonight. I had a very enjoyable run yesterday, and the people I've met on the tour so far have been really nice.

As I finish writing this morning's update, it is 7:19 AM, and we are approaching the U.S. shoreline. I'll sign off for now and check back a little later in the morning.

~ Gregory

Returning to the United States, 20080715tu0638

Photo: Jay Shafer and Gregory Johnson are on the ferry returning to
the United States.

The Day Begins, 20080715tu0501

Small house supporters gathering for the open house, 20080714mo2326

Arriving at Victoria, BC, (Canada), 20080714mo2315

Upon arriving, the customs official directing traffic welcomed us and
let us know there were people waiting to meet us.