Monday, July 28, 2008

Kettleman City, 20080728mo2020

We're just south of Kettleman City on Highway 5. We were able to get
some good video and photos. Now we have about 4 hours and 45 minutes
until we reach Sebastopol.

Third Encounter With Police, 20080728mo1920

We just had our third encounter for the day with the California State
Police. This time we weren't traveling too fast, we were moving too
slow. Actually, we weren't moving at all. We'd stopped in the middle
of the road to take still pictures of the truck with Jay's house.

Instead of hassling us, the officer asked if we were okay. When we
explained we were taking photos and video, he said, "Okay," and drove

Fueling, $156.41 to fill up, 20080728mo1715

We stopped in Gorman to fuel up. The large tank and high fuel prices
make filling up quite expensive.

More bad news / good news, 20080728mo1632

We're traveling north along Highway 5, north of Castaic. We're on a
stretch of road where trucks and other larger vehicles hauling loads
(such as houses) are expected to be in the right lane and presumably
traveling at 55 miles per hour.

In our second encounter with the California Police today, we just had
an officer pull up beside us on his motorcycle and signal Jay to pull
over. Maybe it was because we were going about 70 miles per hour or
maybe it was because we were in the wrong lane.

Jay used his "Jedi Mind Tricks," waved, and the officer just continued
down the road.

Going through Los Angeles, 20080728mo1543

We're on Highway 5, just north west of the exit for Highway 110
(around mile 137).

North on Highway 5, near Capistrano Beach, 20080728mo1421

Along the Park, 20080728mo1221

We've moved to the street along the park.

Mission Bay Park, Crown Point, Open House, 20080728mo1117

We arrived at Crown Point shortly before 11:00 AM.

We've had some interesting "good news & bad news" experiences this

Bad news... We didn't realize we were going over the speed limit until
a police car pulled up next to us. Good news... The officer simply
told us to slow down and went on his way. :-)

Bad news... I forgot my nice Sony camera in a restroom. Good news...
We went back later and someone had turned it in.

Crown Point Coffee, 20080728mo0902

We've stopped at Crown Point Coffee.

Crown Point, in Mission Bay Park, 20080728mo0841

Mexican Border, 20080728mo0745

We've reached the Mexican border.

Morning Shoreline, 20080728mo0615

We pulled into a rest stop last night. Because of the length of the
truck and the house on the trailer behind us, we parked in the truck
area. I woke a little while ago and discovered that the rest stop is
near the ocean.