Wednesday, July 23, 2008

South on Highway 101 to Aromas, 20080723we2126

We're going south on Highway 101, driving to Aromas, California, where
some gracious small house enthusiasts have offered their land as a
location for us to stay at tonight.

Fueling, 20080723we2107

Matter Paneer and Garlic Naan, 20080724we2011

Fresh Flowers, 20080723we1947

Amber Indian Restaurant, 20080723wr1924

Our local small house enthusiast friends selected the dining venue for
this evening. Amber Indian Restaurant is at:
2290 El Camino Real, #9
Mountain View, CA 94040
Tel 650-968-7511
Fax 650-968-1820

Going to dinner, 20080723we1912

The open house at Google was a great success. We're going to get
dinner with some local small house enthusiasts.

At Google in Mountain View, California, 20080723we1718

We arrived at Google a little while ago.

Golden Gate Bridge, 20080723we1554

We've crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and are heading into San Francisco.

Our GPS location, 20080723we1526

We're about 15 minutes north of San Francisco.

South on Highway 101 / Redwood Highway, 20080723we1518

Copperfields Books, 20080723we1412

Stopping at Copperfields Books (Independent Bookstore) in Santa Rosa,

Leaving Sebastopol, 20080723we1355

We're getting on the road now. We hope to arrive at Google
headquarters in Mountain View, California around 4:30 PM for the open
house scheduled from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Then we'll continue going
south toward Santa Cruz. We'll probably stop somewhere along the way
and then continue on to Santa Cruz in the morning for the 9:00 AM open
house there.

The Rental Place, 20080723we1224

We stopped at the rental place to get a truck to pull Jay's house.

Driving to Sebastopol, 20080723we1028

Running Complete, 20080723we0938

I'm back at the Vardo Gypsy Wagon. I'm going to shower, dress, and
then try to find a laundromat in Sebastopol where I can wash my
clothes. We're leaving today around noon, and I want to make sure I'm
ready for the next 5 days as we journey to the Mexican border and then
return to Sebastopol.

Peace Site, 20080723we0855

Going through the Peace Site and continuing my run from here.

Going Running, 20080723we0826

I just finished giving myself a haircut and trimming my beard. I use a
standard trimmer and it seems to work fine. Doing it myself saves
hundreds of dollars on haircuts.

I'm now ready for my morning run, but as I start my run, I see the
apple trees. Of all the plant life here, I'm most impressed with the
apple trees. It's an amazing accomplishment for the plants around here
to survive, blossom, and thrive in the midst of what seems like arid
soil. Yet, the apple tree impresses me because it produces fruit --
even when planted in dry soil. It survives, and has enough left over
to give away. So, this is the thought I'll begin my morning run with.
I, also, in dry and difficult conditions, want to survive, blossom,
and thrive, but even more than that, I want to produce fruit when
times are hard. I want to have something of myself to give to others.
My prayer and hope is to have strength beyond what I need. To have joy
and hope overflowing to give to others. Even when it seems like life
is hard. Even if I'm going through a hard time. This is the teaching,
the admonition, I receive from the apple tree today.

Morning Light, 20080723we0633

I woke this morning around 5:00 AM, but decided to sleep for another
hour since I went to bed late last night. I've been going on longer
runs than usual, and I know my body needs to get plenty of sleep to
heal between runs.

Normally my runs are 36 minutes, but over the past five days I've been
going for 54 minute runs. Also, when I'm home, I usually carry my
heavy backpack in my bicycle trailer, and I carry fewer things. Being
on the road, I have more electronics gear, so the bag is heavier. So,
my body is really feeling the soreness of these additional demands.

I have a theory that every time a person engages in heavy exercise,
there are micro injuries. In weight lifting, it's the recovery from
these micro injuries that produces more muscle. Most micro injuries
can be healed in 24 hours, assuming a good night sleep. However, some
will need 48 hours. This is why weight lifters alternate the muscle
group worked on from one day to the next.

The amount of healing that takes place depends on the amount of sleep,
rest, and other factors. Some people go running everyday. For many
people, the body can recover in 24 hours from a short less intense
run. Howerver, if there are cumulative micro injuries, these may
result in a larger injury. For example, if a muscle is fatigued and
not provining the support or balance needed, more weight and strain
will be shifted to other muscles or ligaments. This could result in a
more serious injury.

As the body becomes conditioned and stronger, more muscles and stamina
infrastructure are created. The same workout seems easier because more
of the body is efficiently engaged in the task. This produces less
strain on any single area of the body, resulting in fewer micro
injuries and faster healing times. However, one should always be
mindful of the potential for cumulative micro injuries from repetitive

I find that trail running feels better than running on cement. The
surface is typically softer, and the slight variations in the trail
ensure a random and distributive stress on the entire body which
presumably would result in less identical repeated stressors - as
would be the case in walking or running on cement or stair climbing.

The stairs on Great Wall of China are of unequal height. Presumably if
they were the same height, fatigue would set in much faster since
doing even an easy task, repeatedly, can become hard if it is the same
task over and over without variation.

I'm going to start my morning routine of stretching (Yoga/Pilates),
breathing exercises, meditation, and then running.

Evening Report, 20080722tu2249

Jay, Marty, and I just got back from Santa Rosa. I'm settled into the
Vardo Gypsy Wagon for the night. I've enjoyed staying in the Vardo
these past five nights. It's very comfortable.

It's too dark now to take a photo with the iPhone, so I picked this
picture from the Peace Site collection of pictures:

Tomorrow around noon we plan to get on the road again and continue our
trip down to the Mexican border.