Sunday, July 13, 2008

Settling into Hotel, 20080713su1954

I think this will be my last post for the day. It is 8:18 PM PT (10:18 PM CT) and I'm ready to get some sleep.

Boca Veggie Burger and Veggies, 20080713su1922

Salad, 20080713su1911

After salad, I had a Boca Burger with steamed mixed veggies.

Precision Mapping, 20080713su1831

This truck was in the parking lot of the hotel. It has industrial cameras installed on its roof. There is a pool and hot tub at the hotel.

The foliage here reminds me of California.

There is a nice waterfall.

Fueling up, 20080713su1820

Ready for the Road, 20080713su1756

The house is being pulled by a Chevy 2500 HD.

Awake again, 20080713su1748

Enough of lying around. It's time to get up and get ready for the
evening's activities.

Getting some rest before the evening events, 20080713su1721

Processing Credit Card Sales on iPhone for book, 20080713su1633

Workshop Update, 20080713su1627

The workshop is going well. I gave a presentation and sold a few
copies of my book.

Discussion Session, 20080713su1604

Nurishment, 20080713su1550

My home for the next 3 weeks, 20080713su1457

Workshop Session, 20080713su1456

Arriving at Workshop, 20080713su1454

Cab Ride, 11 miles, 20080713su1436

Toyota Prius Hybrid Taxi, 20080713su1420

Going to find a cab, 20080713su1419

Food and Water, 20080713su1404

I last had sleep Friday night, so my body is beginning to get fatigued
from carrying a box of books and my backpack through airport
terminals. Standing, I can feel my legs and arms trembling a little
from exhaustion. My backpack and box of books probably weigh about 45
kg (100 pounds). I was riding my bike a lot yesterday with very heavy
loads, through the night, up steep inclines, and then lifting and
carrying a lot with packing for the trip. I won't get any rest until
this evening after today's scheduled events. I'm getting some food now
to refuel.

Baggage Rotisserie, Shish Kabob, Skewer, moving art, 20080713su1355

Riding Train to baggage claim, 20080713su1345

Arriving in Seattle, 20080713su1530

On board waiting for departure, 20080713su1135

Eating two Clif bars, 20080713su1013

Surprisingly, there is no wireless service in the airport, so using
the iPhone is the only access to the Internet. My flight will depart
in about 90 minutes.

Repacking my bags and charging electronics, 20080713su1002

iPod Vending Machine, 20080713su0947

They have turned the airport into a shopping mall, 20080713su0943

I just want to get to my flight, but airline passengers must walk
through a shopping mall to get from one terminal to another.

Fox News, retail store, 20080713su0940

Riding cable drawn train to gate, 20080713su0935

Continuing to gate, 20080713su0929

Buying water, 20080713su0925

Going to gate for departing flight, 20080713su0920

Arriving in Minneapolis, 20080713su0852

There was severe turbulence during descent and landing that caused the
plane to rock from side to side. Otherwise it was a good flight. My
departure is scheduled for 11:45 AM, arriving in Seattle/Tacoma at
1:23 PM.

Going to gate for boarding, 20080713su0745

Waiting for Departure, 20080713su0741

Airport Check-in, 20080713su0716

Riding to Airport, 20080713su0645

Morning Light, 20080713su0607

Time for stretching, breathing, and meditation.

Stretching and Quiet Meditation, 20080713su0546

I have about 45 minutes before my ride to the airport arrives. Rather
than try to sleep, I'm going to do some stretching and quiet meditation.

Confirming that new iPhone software is working, 20080713su0408

New iPhone Software. I'm planning to rely heavily on my iPhones over the next few weeks for communications. On 11 July 2008, Apple introduced new iPhone software. Even users of the older phones needed to upgrade to the new software. The new software provides significant improvements to the older phones including: full integration with MobileMe (, Applications support for new iPhone programs, a scientific calculator with advanced functions (accessed by turning the iPhone on its side for landscape viewing), support for multiple calendars allowing selective viewing of one or all calendars, push email (immediate notification of new email), push calendar (additions or changes are pushed to every enabled device), and more. The software seems to be working okay.

Packing bags and then getting sleep. I have about two hours left before I need to leave for the airport. I'm starting to get a little tired, yet my bags aren't packed yet. So, I need to pack, and then, as time permits, maybe get 30 to 60 minutes of sleep.

Food. I've had three Clif bars so far today (in the early hours of the morning). They seem to provide plenty of vegan nutrition and a natural level of energy (unlike candy bars) that I need right now for getting everything packed and ready to go.

Back at the Mobile Hermitage, 20000713su0345

Returning Flip Video System, 20080713su0324

One of the reasons for my trip to the west coast is to serve as a videographer of the events along the way. My video camera stopped working a while back, and I'd been meaning to replace it. I'd seen the Flip Video device for about $150. It is simple to use, connects with a built-in USB plug (that flips out), and comes with software for Apple Mac and/or Windows. The quality isn't as good as similarly priced miniDV camera, and it is limited to 60 minutes of recording. So, I ended up taking it back. It may be possible to get a video camera upon arrival, or one could be made available.

At home, packing bags, 20080713su0210

Unpacking items from the store, and starting to pack bags.