Thursday, July 31, 2008

Border to Border Tour

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The Border to Border Tour daily journal entries can be found between July 13 and July 29. These are Greg's random observations and thoughts during the trip.


Note: The entries found below on this page are Greg's journal entries for the last day of the month of July, back in Iowa City after the Border to Border Tour.

Back Home, 20080831th2228

Riding home, 20080731th2214

Riding to my Office, 20080731th2049

I'm riding my bicycle to my office.

Riding to Post Office, 20080731th2035

Home, 20080731th2000

I arrived home a little while ago. I'm planning to make a trip
downtown on my bicycle, stop at the post office, and check-in at my
office, but then come right back home.

Arrived in Cedar Rapids, 20080731th1835

I arrived in Cedar Rapids around 6:35 PM. It's 6:50 PM now, and I'm
waiting for my ride to Iowa City.

Minneapolis, 20080731th1644

I had to board the flight in Phoenix quickly and wasn't able to post a
journal update. I'm in Minneapolis now, I arrived at about 4:20. I'm
waiting to depart on a 5:30 PM flight to Cedar Rapids (Northwest 3289)
that is scheduled to arrive in Cedar Rapids around 6:30 PM.

Veggie Burrito, 20080731th0706

I'm having a veggie burrito for breakfast.

Angels at Taberna Del Tequila, 20080731th0701

I woke up this morning at 3:30 AM to catch a 6:50 AM flight. I was told to increase my chances of getting on a flight, I should check-in shortly after 4AM. Instead of taking the 6:50 I decided to stay a little longer in the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. My decision to stay was largely influenced by the airline telling me there were no more seats available on the plane. I'm now at the Taberna Del Tequila to get some Mexican food for breakfast.

Photos of Desert near Phoenix Zoo, 20080731th1830

I've posted photos of the desert near the Phoenix Zoo. A slideshow is below.

Waiting on standby, 20080731th0442

I'm waiting on sandby for a flight that leaves at 6:50 AM. Boarding
begins at 6:10 AM.

60 seconds late, 20080731th0402

I arrived at the hotel front desk at 4:01 AM, and the shuttle driver
said to me, "You're late." I thought he was joking, but he was
serious. I'd already paid for the room, so checkout took about 30
seconds and we were literally on the road by 4:02 AM.

Last night when I arranged for the shuttle, the person I spoke to
suggested (implied) that the shuttle driver on duty in the middle of
the night (early in the morning) would just be sitting around doing

... Nothing except watching the second hand on the clock, I guess.

In the time it took to write this entry, I already arrived at the
airport and I'm third in line at the ticket counter.

I'll check back in a little while.

~ Greg

Early morning, 20080731th0350

I woke around 3:30 AM, and am now gathering my things so I can get to
the airport early.