Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Going Running, 20080723we0826

I just finished giving myself a haircut and trimming my beard. I use a
standard trimmer and it seems to work fine. Doing it myself saves
hundreds of dollars on haircuts.

I'm now ready for my morning run, but as I start my run, I see the
apple trees. Of all the plant life here, I'm most impressed with the
apple trees. It's an amazing accomplishment for the plants around here
to survive, blossom, and thrive in the midst of what seems like arid
soil. Yet, the apple tree impresses me because it produces fruit --
even when planted in dry soil. It survives, and has enough left over
to give away. So, this is the thought I'll begin my morning run with.
I, also, in dry and difficult conditions, want to survive, blossom,
and thrive, but even more than that, I want to produce fruit when
times are hard. I want to have something of myself to give to others.
My prayer and hope is to have strength beyond what I need. To have joy
and hope overflowing to give to others. Even when it seems like life
is hard. Even if I'm going through a hard time. This is the teaching,
the admonition, I receive from the apple tree today.