Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Living on the mist that falls from heaven, 20080722tu0645

As I was running through the Burbank gardens (see photo), I was thinking about how much of the plant life here survives and thrives for months without the benefit of a typical rainfall, without artificial watering, in seemingly dusty dry soil. These plants are nourished by the almost invisible mist that falls from the heavens (skies). I was thinking about how life, or the situation we find ourself in, gets dry and parched sometimes. In these times it would be good to heighten our senses to perceive the "mist" that falls from heaven that can nourish and nurture our souls. In the morning hours, there is a peacefulness that I've noticed. It's a kind of peacefulness that, like mist for plants, can nourish the soul.