Saturday, July 19, 2008

Going running, 20080719sa0706

The sun is rising over the valley. The cool moist air of the night is
still settled in over the land here. I bought an Earth Flag from the
Santa Rosa Community Market Co-op yesterday. I like having the Earth
Flag flying anywhere I am working and staying. I have them at home in
Iowa at my office and home.

I'm going to run the full distance to the park this morning. I took a
lot of photos of this running path yesterday and of the many flowers
along the way. So, this morning I can simply focus on running.

I'll go from Burbank Heights north west through the various flower
gardens to Bodega Avenue, then west on Bodega Avenue (Highway) until I
reach Ragle Road. At Ragle Road, I'll go north and slightly west to
Ragle Ranch Regional Park and run the loop that goes over Bridge 4,
Bridge 3, Bridge 2, and then Bridge 1. Then I'll return by the same

I have all of this in photos from yesterday that I hope to upload
later today. [0716]