Saturday, July 19, 2008

Afternoon Workshop Session, 20080719sa1438

The afternoon Building Workshop session is going well. Today, Jay has
been presenting the details of how to build an efficient and enjoyable
small home. His presentation covers every aspect of building a home
from the foundation up, and the presentation is structured based upon
the construction process and timeline as events would naturally
transpire on the construction site. Workshop participants are free to
ask questions and share from their own experiences, which stimulates
some informative discussions.

In his presentation, this morning, Jay took the group through the
building process to the point that framing, exterior walls, and
weather wrap were on the house.

This is not a hands-on workshop. In order to present the most
information in a short period of time, the presentation uses detailed
photos, floor plans, and a complete list of tools required for
building. Most of the presentation materials Jay is referring to are
in an illustrated color workbook that is given to each participant.

The day began with a tour of Jay's home to give participants a look at
a finished product. Most in attendance seem to have some building
experience and know the general terminology of building.

The workshops are organic and improve with suggestions and feedback
from participants.