Thursday, July 10, 2008

Run Complete, 36 minutes, 4.56 km, 426 calories

Today's Run. Today I took my regular route. It was raining and cool when I started the run, but soon the rain went away and the sun was blazing hot which raised the humidity level and heat making it difficult to run. The air is heavy, and it's almost as if you can't get enough air when the humidity is so high and it is so hot. I kept moving ahead anyway, and finished the route in 32 minutes, so I spent the last four minutes doing a hill climb from North Madison Street right (east) up West Market Street. Then I took the pedestrian walkway south (North Capitol Street) and returned to the gym to finish the 36 minute run. I was happy to have improved my time and distance.

No Hot Water at Fitness East. There is still no hot water at Fitness East, since the flood. There were a few days when hot water returned, but then it was gone again.