Thursday, July 24, 2008

Morning Report, 20080724th0734

This photo was taken around 6:30 AM from the porch of the main house on the land where we were staying last night. It was dark last night, so we couldn't see our surroundings when we arrived late last night, but I could tell that we were going up a very steep hill to get to the spot where we parked. It was like trying to pull a house up Machu Picchu. We were in such a remote area that the stars were very clear and bright in the sky. As I looked up to the sky, I saw a shooting star. (I'm reminded of the movie Stardust as I write this.)

I've enjoyed living in the Vardo Gypsy Wagon and foraging for food over the past six days. I've also had to forage for Internet access. It's been easier to find fresh apples and plums on the ground than to find a good Internet connection. Sometimes I'll think I've found a connection, and then it drops, or it prohibits proper sending of email. It's like picking up an apple from the ground to discover it's rotten.

Last night, I had a relatively good connection last night. We were able to access the Internet in a remote area by connecting to a Linksys wireless router that was connected to a satellite dish service -- I presume it was something like the Hughes Satellite Dish Internet service.