Wednesday, July 30, 2008

La Vida Es Un Carnaval by Celia Cruz

The above photo is from the Hotel Angeleno, but it seemed to fit this journal entry. I'm sitting in the Phoenix airport, at a nice mexican restaurant (Tequileria) listening to La Vida Es Un Carnaval. Last year I posted the lyrics to this song on my journal.

It's warm in Phoenix: 41 degrees Celsius (105 degrees Fahrenheit).

Last night, after visiting (text chatting) with my FiancĂ©e (who is now in India), I went outside to look at the stars. As soon as I looked up, there was a shooting star. This was similar to the experience I had in the mountains of Aromas, California. I'd looked up to immediately see a shooting star.

Last night, in the silent and dark hills of Sebastopol, the night sky was very clear and radiant. I could see the Milky Way, and numerous stars. I decided to test the manual setting of my camera and slow down the shutter speed to about 30 seconds (the slowest setting). This setting, with a lense opening of F 2.8 (focal ratio / relative aperture), was ideal to capture the night sky. I'll try to post those pictures later.

My food just arrived...