Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Advertising on Airline Seat Back Tray Tables, 20080730we1236

This U.S. Airways flight has advertising on the seat back tray tables.
I wonder how much it costs to advertise on the trays. I also wonder if
commercially subsidized airline travel might one day be available for
free (like television programming) or if the extra revenue from
advertising will simply just go to the upper management in the airline
industry without benefitting us (the customers) or the hard working
crew and airline workers.

I expect to pay for advertising free experiences. For example, some
websites that are free (with advertising) offer paid options to
experience the site without advertising. Television programming with
advertising is free, but pay channels typically have little or no
advertising because the revenue comes from paying customers.

I think people feel it's unfair to pay for something, and then still
be advertised to. The tendency to put advertising everywhere, just to
make more money, is not well received by those who are exposed to it.