Friday, July 25, 2008

Morning Light, 20080725fr0701

We found an inexpensive hotel on State Street in Santa Barbara last night. This is the view from the window next to my bed. I normally would prefer sleeping in the loft of Jay's house, but the parking spot we found for the house is in a location with a lot of noise.

The hotel is $75 for a night in an area of town where the rates are typically $110 to $170 (at the low end). The hotel "room" looks like it may have been the room used by a live-in hotel manager a long time ago. There are two beds, plus a third fold-out bed. There is also a separate room with a kitchen that has full-size appliances.

Jay laughed at my choice of bed saying, "That feels like a piece of plywood." For some reason, there was a very firm box-spring on top of another very firm box-spring, with no mattress. I loved it. My bed at home is a thin futon on the floor. Sometimes when I'm not at home, I'll sleep on a floor rather than a soft mattress. I slept really well last night. Because of the climate in California right now, the windows in most buildings remain open. So, I had fresh air flowing in from the huge window next to my bed.

I'm going to take some time to do my morning stretches (Yoga/Pilates), breathing exercises, and meditation. I may try to go running, but I don't want to run on pavement, so it will depend on whether or not I can find a long soft surface trail around here somewhere.