Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Morning Glory Cafe, Eugene, OR, 20080716we1127

We arrived in Eugene shortly after 11:00 AM, and went to the Owen Rose Garden at 300 N. Jefferson Street -- just to take a look at the venue for the afternoon open house. The location is really beautiful, and offers plenty of room.

We then went in search of some parking close to restaurants. We found four open parking spots. I got out of the truck and saw, what appeared to be an avid bicyclist, vegan, and alternative housing enthusiast like myself. I was right on all three counts. She knew exactly where to find a vegan restaurant, and went on to tell us about her experiences living in domes and other tiny dwellings. She told us about living in a dome home that could be pulled on a bicycle trailer, and she told us about Maitreya EcoVillage. We walked a few blocks and she pointed us to Morning Glory Cafe.

Update: At 11:53, we're leaving the cafe and going back to the Owen Rose Garden.