Wednesday, July 9, 2008

At Teg Drive Location - Delays in Blog Posting

Summary. I arrived at the Teg Drive location just after 6PM. For some reason there are unexplained delays in posting to the blog. Messages sent never show up, and there's no captcha warning. The attached photos never show up in the Picasaweb photo database. So, it seems, at least for now, that Blogger just isn't reliable all the time for posting even small numbers of live feed photos.

Bicycle Route Taken. I found a shortcut from my previous location at River Street and Beldon Avenue to Teg Drive. The shortcut route is:
  1. West on River Street
  2. Left/South on Woolf Avenue
  3. Left/East on Newton Road
  4. Cut through the parking area south to Hawkins Drive, turn left and proceed south toward the University of Hospital Main Entrance and continue on to Melrose Avenue
  5. Right/West on Melrose Avenue
  6. Left/South West on Koser Avenue
  7. Left/South on Sunset Street and continue all the way toward Highway 1
  8. Left/West on Aber Avenue (just before Sunset intersects with Highway 1)
  9. Aber Avenue turns into (becomes) Teg Drive after a few blocks